Ikea Dresser makeover 

I really love the idea of up-cycling furniture. Not only because I really dislike waste, but also because I love one of a kind items. Finding old furniture at thrift stores, yard sales and online, is really fun for me.

Just before we got married, Rob and I upgraded from our studio apartment, to a 2 bedroom. We were excited to finally buy some furniture, but like many people living in Toronto without a vehicle, we found ourselves at Ikea.  As a lover of all things unique, it was bittersweet. 5 years and 2 kids later, we moved to the suburbs. My first mission was to find and makeover, old furniture. I found some really great pieces at our local Value Village, but (since I’m “time poor” these days) I have yet to paint any of them. It will happen….eventually.

When I became pregnant with our third child, I decided to makeover one of our Ikea pieces for her room. I had been wanting to experiment with chalk paint for a long time, and since I was busy with my 2 year old, sanding and priming furniture was not going to happen. So, this was the perfect opportunity to test out Chalk Paint.

I forgot to take a before picture, so I pulled this one off the internet.



Getting started…

First coat…IMG_3505

OK, so this was my first time working with chalk paint, (and my first attempt at making over a large piece of furniture). When I did the first coat, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the medium. Chalk paint is very different from other paints I’ve worked with, and I wasn’t really diggin’ it. It wasn’t brushing on as smoothly as I had hoped. Then, I read that it could be diluted with water, so for my second coat, I diluted it quite a bit, (about 1:1) and I really enjoyed working with it! I did a third coat of paint after that (again, very diluted). I liked how quickly I got this project done, and I went on to paint the boys’ old crib to match. Side note: Painting a crib is NOT fun.

I loved how fresh the dresser looked once it was painted, and had no intentions of putting the original knobs back on the drawers. I had a bunch of knobs that I picked up a year earlier for another project that I never got around to, but luckily they were perfect for the dresser. I ended up purchasing a few more and swapped out a few that didn’t work well with the overall colour scheme.

I was really pleased with the final product.


Rob waxed the dresser for me. It needed to be done and he wouldn’t let me apply the wax myself because I was very pregnant at the time, so I don’t really know what to say about that process.

After I painted the room and had new flooring and baseboards installed, the nursery looked great!

I really do love making over furniture. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing another piece soon. Here’s one last before and after.


Check back soon, to see what we do next….hopefully I’ll have another up-cycled project to share with you.


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