Role Playing Games with Kids

As a fan of all things fantasy and game related, I have always been jealous of RPG playgroups.  The bonding and adventuring that is shared was something I never got to be a part of during my childhood.  Naturally, I tried to re-create the wonderfully imaginative and chaotic experience of playing an RPG with my 5 year old.  First thing I noticed was the rigid rules and detailed character sheets that were too involved for a child and he quickly lost focus.

Thus, I developed simple character sheets that a five year old could fill out.

Welcome to the Kingdom!

Here are the characters my son created.  The sheets are 11″x17″, nice and big for tiny hands to refine their motor skills.


And what would a game be without collectable cards?!


The cards are the equipment / magic spells used by the characters.  I had my son decide each character’s loadout before the beginning of each quest.

Then started world-building together.


I had created a couple of NPCs (non-player characters) for his characters to battle as well.


And simple rules so that encounters would allow for some randomness.  The rules are very rough and definitely need revising, however they were clear enough that my son enjoyed rolling the dice to see whether the action was successful or not.


It begins …


Playing an RPG is incredibly fun with a child.  Their sense of imagination and problem solving allows for the most fantastic stories.  I also noticed that it helped my son come out of his shell.  As we went questing, at each new encounter he would become more enthusiastic in his responses.

Now get out there and have an adventure!

Character sheets and Cards are free for you to download and print.  They’re meant to be printed at tabloid size (11″x17″).  Now go play an RPG with your kid!


Character Sheet – Option 1

Character Sheet – Option 2

Character Sheet – Option 3

Blank Character Sheet

Equipment / Magic Cards

Non-Player Character Sheets + Blank



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