Character Pages for Kids

Who doesn’t like coming up with characters?  Becoming someone different, enhancing a skill or adjusting a flaw.  Sometimes it’s nice to be someone / something else.

I find that my son comes up with new characters all the time.  Sometimes very clearly based on something pre-existing and sometimes something beautifully new.  I wanted to help coax out these beings and so now we have character sheets!


Simple information about each character – Name,  Power, and About.

All with nice big spacing for new hands.  A bit of frustration and failure is always present but nothing a fresh sheet and a second chance can’t alleviate.  Power was never meant to be a number.  However, I did create an example sheet and put a number under power.

CharacterSheet_Example03Probably because I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Ball Super TCG lately.

You can find the PDFs below, set to print at 8.5″ x 11″.  Now go and make believe!






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