One With Everything

So, I finally managed to get back to Station Gallery and take a selfie with my painting.


I had planned to get a photo when we attended the opening reception last month, but that didn’t happen for several reasons; 1) It was very crowded, 2) there was a large table as well as a podium parked in front of my painting, and 3) I almost had a heart attack, when my 3 year old grabbed onto the base of a sculpture for balance, almost pushing it off the platform where it was displayed! I’m very happy that my ‘Mom reflexes’ kicked in and we were able to avoid disaster, but (seriously though, who’s idea was it to place a sculpture, in the middle of a children’s play area?) the incident caused more than enough stress, so we pretty much left after that.



Hey! Look at that! It seems there WAS a suitable exhibition location for this sculpture after all!



Moving on…


I was really happy that I had a chance to go back to Station Gallery yesterday. I really enjoy seeing my art displayed along side so many other artists’ work.




I of course, had to get a selfie with Rob’s piece as well. I really love that we both had pieces in this show. It has been many years since our art has been exhibited together.

Rob’s work is very intricate and these photos do not do it justice. Sure I’m biased, but I really love his style. No matter how many times I view the same piece, I often get lost in his art. There is so much to see. Really, if you ever get an opportunity to view his work in person, its quite an experience, and I highly recommend it.





There are so many interesting pieces in this show! These are just a few…


After walking through the entire exhibition, I finally got a chance to vote for my favourite piece. How cool is this?!


I am currently working on an…unconventional?… self-portrait, so this piece really stood out to me. I get very bored with traditional portraits (that’s what camera’s are for) and this piece was anything but. I love the colours, the strokes and the overall beautiful, chaos! Well done Christopher Scott! You sir, have mad skills!


This was another one of our favourites. Rob managed to get a photo with the piece and it’s creator, Chris Cote, during the opening reception.


Again, these are only SOME of the amazing pieces in this show. Tomorrow is the final day for this exhibition, so if you’re in the area, stop by Station Gallery to check out more work by some incredibly talented artists.

Happy Viewing!


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