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Watercolour and Ink


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Children’s Decor


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Available at Crazy Cuts

Crazy Cuts is located at 669 Mt. Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON.


‘Big White Feather’, 40″x30″ 2017 $800.00

More at Crazy Cuts

*Please Note: If interested in purchasing pieces on display at Crazy Cuts, I recommend calling ahead, or contacting me directly (using the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of this page) to be sure that they have not yet been sold.


A Little About Me

As a busy mother of 3 young children, making time to be creative is no easy task. I like to doodle and dabble in many different mediums – from watercolour and ink, acrylic on canvas or even the odd furniture makeover, I create whatever and whenever the mood strikes and time allows. I tend to have more ideas than I do time, but luckily for me, my family encourages and inspires me to create new works regularly.





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I am always on the lookout for new venues to display my work. If you are a local business owner in the GTA, looking for new decor and wanting to support local artists, contact me for more information.